An exclusive affair without the air of exclusion. Bottled to unite, House of Gatsby connects those who share the taste.


Crafted to foster connections and unforgettable experiences, we unveil a stage for your enjoyment and memories to unfold.

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“Bottled to be shared”

April 7, 2023
Hamburg, Germany

We celebrated the arrival of our Gatsby Gin and shared the first sip with everyone who contributed to our journey.

Taste Testing

“Served at selected bars near you!”

About to be released soon...


Reprehenderit Voluptas Nobis

Voluptate Et Eos Consequuntur



Perspiciatis Et Recusandae Dolore

Iusto Corrupti Voluptate Consectetur


Vel Vel Qui


Aspernatur Et

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“Bottled to connect”

Two waiters are serving Gatsby bottles on a silver tray.
Launch party Hamburg,
Oct. 28th 2023
Elegant get together in the House of Gatsby club, enjoying the Gatsby spirits.
Launch party Hamburg,
Oct. 28th 2023
Gatsby Gin getting spilled on a wild after party.
Launch party Hamburg,
Oct. 28th 2023
A dinner with club members of the House of Gatsby.
Launch party Hamburg,
Oct. 28th 2023
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